About us

We fight against counterfeiting and opening a direct channel with consumers. 

We are SixTRUE

SixTRUE was created by a group of professionals with twenty years of experience in the field of automatic identification. They became passionate about the anti-counterfeiting issue and aimed to create an innovative, effective, and wide-spread system.

Considerable effort and resources were spent to design the anti-counterfeiting system, develop the production technology, and develop the applications.

SixTRUE has been built upon the contribution of a group of research and development companies and professionals. These professionals have expertise in different technologies which the system uses such as solutions for printing lines, electronic design, color prescription, image processing, and software design.

SixTRUE offers a new solution in the fight against counterfeiting and also introduces a new level of collaboration between consumers and businesses by providing consumer information and functions previously accessible only to specialists.

SixTRUE is patented world wide (Patent no. XXXX). For more information regarding licences and uses please contact us.